Here is the latest information in response to questions received about the reopening of churches and the resumption of religious services.

The Archdiocese of Montreal has received numerous requests for news about the reopening of its churches and the resumption of religious services, from both the faithful and clergy. 

Rest assured, like you, we want to see services resume as soon as possible and are actively working to that end.

It goes without saying, however, that we must do so in a responsible manner so as to protect the health of the faithful, of our most vulnerable citizens, and of the People of God. Given this basic requirement, we are considering ways to continue the active life of the Church, which includes its prayer life, community life and the many ways it renders service to society.

The Catholic bishops of Quebec are working in consultation with one another and in close collaboration with other religious leaders, who face the same challenges. We are seeking practical solutions to the complex issues associated with the period of progressive and safe “deconfinement” that lies ahead.

Combining our prayers with yours; together, let’s care for those souls entrusted to us.