Despite the confinement, life continues in the Mercier-East pastoral sector. The 6 members of the pastoral team maintained a communication and met the needs of the people in their neighbourhood. Check out their achievements.

Here is a list of some of the actions we have taken during this period of confinement:


  • 9 telephone meetings with the churchwarden of the 3 parishes in our area;
  • 4 letters-pamphlets to nearly 500 people in the pastoral sector (by mail and email);
  • 3 "Zoom" meetings with the neighbourhood food drive;
  • Celebrations:    
  1. Holy Week celebrations with 4 people
  2. Sunday masses with 4 -6 people
  3. Weekly mass (Monday to Friday) with 2-3 people
  • 24 funerals to be planned for the 3 parishes;
  • Virtual interaction with the families registered in the faith education courses and the catechetical team(every week);
  • Setting a network of communication and prayer among a few groups from our three communities;    
  • Welcoming people who ask for food at St. Vincent de Paul (Tuesday and Friday);
  • Gathering bread from a food market for the needs of the parish food counters (Thursday);
  • Preparation of 8 quizzes for children and parents (available on the website);
  • Communicating with the children and parents registered for the baptism process;
  • Virtual meetings with the youth from the Servant's Club of the sector;
  • Telephone meetings with Solidarité Mercier-Est;
  • Organizing  virtual concerts at the Repos St-François-d'Assise cemetery;
  •  "Zoom" meetings with the Gospel Adventure team;
  • Preparation of the "Backpack" project;
  • Maintenance and development of new content for the pastoral sector's website;
  • Virtual communication with the catechumens and the candidates preparing for Confirmation, adolescents and adults;
  • Visits and anointing of the sick when possible;
  • Work at the St-Michel long-term health care home: communicating with families / helping with meals (residents).