The Catholic Church in Montreal endeavors to undertake bold, forward-looking initiatives and projects every year, and this includes our new website. We are excited to announce that our redesigned website is now online!

A new website? Absolutely. A website is never a finished product, because it must change and adapt to the current environment and the taste of the users. Therefore, a regular update is a must; so, we are trying something new. Besides, a website is a great medium to promote our mission and serve the community well.

We want to strengthen the image of the Catholic Church in Montreal, make our services better known, and improve its visual impact with interesting content and exciting articles and news.

The website of the Catholic Church in Montreal will serve as a platform for all parishes and activities of the diocese, enabling us to be faithful to our mission as servants of the Gospel. With the emphasis on collaboration, it will provide up-to-date information and offer many tools that can guide and accompany our future visitors on their spiritual journey.

The updated site includes changes in navigation which improve user experience on both cell phones and computers. We improved the structure so that you will easily find what you are looking for. A whole series of smaller but important changes completes the update, so that your future visits to the website of the Catholic Church in Montreal will be even more pleasant.

The technical architecture has also been upgraded so that it is integrated with our existing processes and systems, and new features can be added easily in the future. The new website was built by one of our partners and is powered by Drupal.

When we started the project, we had high expectations. We wanted to make the Church and several faith topics more visible and explicit so that our collaborators, potential followers and the general public would find the information they need without missing our most important content. For this purpose, we strengthened the links between the Archdiocese, its offices and services and the parishes through a participatory approach on all sides. This will make parishes more visible and give them online tools for:

  • managing and changing information concerning their church
  • updating Mass schedules
  • managing their calendar of events
  • managing the bulletin board: classifieds, job offers, volunteer work offers

The redesigning and rebuilding of such a website was not an easy task, but we achieved it through effective collaboration, a spirit of faithfulness, and a solution-oriented approach―and, frankly, we are proud of the result. Thank you to everyone who has collaborated on this project!

We hope you will like the changes. Please feel free to send us your comments by email, or via our social media!


Erika Jacinto
Director, Communications and Media relations