The Maison des Missionnaires d’Afrique has been home to Centre Afrika for more than 30 years. Located close to Berri-UQAM metro station at 1644 St.-Hubert, it has been virtually closed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. On January 7, a beautiful Epiphany Saturday, the Centre officially re-opened its doors. Among the over 70 guests welcomed by the new team to the re-opening celebration were immigrants, both newly arrived and some of longer standing, others enrolled in studies in Montreal, individuals having immigrated from various countries in Africa, men and women religious who worked in Africa, as well as neighbours and friends of the Centre. In addition, the event was livestreamed by “Montréal africain!”

As in past years, Centre Afrika remains dedicated to the promotion of mutual encounters among the myriad “Africas,” in all their cultural and spiritual richness and diversity.

Centre Afrika will also continue to pursue its mission of integrating Africans into Montreal society, thus contributing to a harmonious dynamic in which diversity enriches the experience of living together.

At this event on January 7th, the enthusiastic gathering also got to make some new acquaintances: the new team of Rita Toutant and Monique Bonnefoy, missionary sisters from Notre-Dame d’Afrique; and African missionaries Frs. David Gnadouwa, Freddy Kyombo and Serge St-Arneault. Fr. St-Arneault, director of the Centre, gave a presentation of the strategic plan that the new team have been working on. With the support of several African organizations and a few personally committed individuals, the implementation in the coming months of this plan will enhance the creative and inclusive momentum that the team aims to foster. The January 7th re-opening itself was a clear reflection of Centre Afrika’s aspirations to become a forum for encounters and a place of welcome in solidarity. The atmosphere of music and joy expressed this occasion perfectly. 

There are three meeting-rooms available for members to use. The team also hopes to develop a portal offering a number of virtual meeting-rooms. In the mean time, Centre Afrika continues to provide services welcoming new arrivals and accommodating interfaith dialogue encounters by making available spaces for friendly exchange.

Centre Afrika is already a beautiful family and a haven of universal brotherhood. The new team is looking forward to the involvement of our host society to enrich us even more. Our doors are open again!

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Réouverture du Centre Afrika (Re-opening of Centre Afrika)

The January 7th event streamed by “Montréal africain” –