In June of 2016, Archbishop Christian Lépine published a decree announcing a policy for Responsible Pastoral Ministry, preparing for its implementation as a pilot project in some diocesan parishes. The time has now come to present the first summary of what was carried out by the parish pastoral teams involved in the pilot project.

On the page regarding the Responsible Pastoral Ministry, you will find a monthly publication which will highlight the experiences of each of the parishes that were involved in the implementation of this policy. Three sections are presented: steps undertaken, challenges that were met with, and accomplishments, so as to recognize the efforts of those pastors and parish teams who put this pastoral responsibility into practice.

If you are a pastor of a parish within the diocese of Montreal and you would like to apply these new diocesan norms, please contact the diocesan coordinator. It will be a pleasure to accompany you and to provide you with all of the necessary tools for this process.

The principal objective of the Responsible Pastorale Ministry Policy is to assure a healthy and safe environment for all, while preventing all types of abuse of those who are vulnerable.

Pilot parish summaries:

Saint-Théophile and Sainte-Dorothée
Saint Luke