The video game En quête de Jésus (Seeking Jesus), which was launched in November by the Office de catéchèse du Québec (OCQ), will be re-introduced in the context of the Week of the Word of God. The event will be held online on Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. Quebec time, and the game’s designers will be in attendance.

The re-launch of the video game will be presented on Zoom. To participate, please register using the following form.

Plot summary of the game
The player is transported to first-century Palestine during the Roman occupation. Against his or her will, the character/player must conduct an investigation into this movement initiated by Jesus of Nazareth. During the player’s investigative journey, he or she must meet Jesus’ disciples and collect the testimony of witnesses regarding his teachings. But what started out as a simple exercise in gathering information gradually turns into a situation where the player is forced to take sides and adopt a position with respect to the movement.

Discovering the GospelsThe game goes beyond the aspect of mere amusement; it is also intended to be a catechetical resource. The player is introduced to Gospel passages which are actual written “testimonies” recounting the experiences of the disciples who accompanied Jesus during those encounters that changed their lives. And the testimonies collected are still relevant today, in the sense that they are able to move the player and elicit reactions from him or her as the adventure unfolds. In this way, the game also has the potential to develop a reflection on faith.
In addition, the significance of the game can be enriched by playing it in a group setting, thus deepening the effect of the various testimonies and inviting several players to share their individual experiences. Printed handouts are supplied for groups who wish to play the game together.

Contact person: Sylvain Campeau,

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