The eight-year prison term for Brian Boucher, rendered by Justice Compagnone today, is the result of due process rigorously applied, and the Archdiocese of Montreal is satisfied that justice has been served, marking a critical step in the healing process for all those terribly wounded by his conduct: the victims, their loved ones and the community.

The Archdiocese acknowledges the work of Crown prosecutor Annabelle Sheppard and the SPVM, both of whom relied on the co-operation of the Archdiocese throughout the juridical process.

Now that the criminal process has concluded and although penal canonical proceedings are still underway, the Archdiocese gives notice that, in conformity with the zero-tolerance policy, Brian Boucher is permanently barred from all ministerial functions within the Church.

For its part, the Archdiocese of Montreal wants to assure both Catholics and the general public that complaints regarding all forms of abuse within the Church are treated very seriously. Protocols are in place for anyone who wishes to share confidential information on sexual abuse by phone at (514) 925 4321 or by email at In addition, the ongoing implementation of the policy for Responsible Pastoral Ministry in all parishes within the Archdiocese, including background checks, is a definitive step toward creating a safe pastoral environment for all.