Here is the testimony of the Bekhit family that explains how they went through this ordeal with the help of God.

How does the Catholic Church help you get through this ordeal? Could you give us an example?

R: Ms. Nancy Basily
As Coptic Orthodox Christians, we are happy to offer our testimony, because we are convinced that we are all God’s children, and that the help provided by our Church does not differ from that of the Catholic Church.

Our parish continued to provide services, albeit online, and kept all weekly activities for the young people to enjoy. That really helped us keep in touch with other families, while maintaining a stable relationship with God. We had weekly Friday meetings during which we discussed biblical related subjects or other subjects. Young people would continue to meet and socialize afterwards.

Did you see something emerge from your family?

During this ordeal, we realized how strong and capable of bonding we are as a family. Together, we were able to meet several challenges, in particular the monitoring of children and online courses. We, of course, needed the moral and spiritual support of our church, which was always present by our side. The moments of prayer we shared allowed us to surrender to the Lord and to let him guide our lives.

How does the Catholic school (or your parish in the case of the Archdiocese) make a difference for you and your children in the way you face the pandemic? How can your school take better care of families’ human and spiritual development this fall?

R: Maria Angelina Bekhit
I became a student at Collège Sainte Marcelline in the 5th grade, five years ago already! So, I can truly say that the college is my second family. This unexpected pandemic has totally separated and confined us to our homes. Yet, contrary to other schools, the personnel at the College not only looked after our academic results, but also did its best to maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. All the teachers worked hard to make us feel comfortable and at ease during this difficult time. Several activities have been organized to maintain unity and solidarity.

I can say that the College was of great support to us during this pandemic, both at educational and spiritual levels, especially during the religion course when we had discussions on spirituality.

In my opinion, in order to take better care of people’s spiritual paths, the college should keep its pastoral commitment in the fall, despite all restrictions. Support should be provided to the less fortunate, and the bonds of brotherhood between the different groups should be strengthened.