Here is the testimony of the Ghantous family that explains how they went through this ordeal with the help of God.

1.    How does the Catholic Church help you get through this ordeal? Could you give us an example?

R: Mr. Tanios Ghantous
The Church helps us navigate tremendously through this period of uncertainty and instability. From the beginning, it became obvious that living through this whole ordeal would be tough, but praying brought us support, and helped simplify the struggles, making them easier to bear. Indeed, the circumstances allowed us, more than ever, to draw closer to God and to strengthen our Christian faith. For instance, we started praying longer together as a family in the evening, and reading the Gospel every day. All this allowed us to see how much Christianity brings new hope and great joy in our lives, even though sometimes we do not realize it.

2.    Did you see something emerge from your family?

During this quarantine, we have seen indeed new facets and qualities emerge in our family. Truly, in these times of trouble, we have found tremendous support in our family. Praying also helped us find each other; it strengthened our family ties and enhanced our Christian faith. It’s true that family life can be challenging, especially in view of the circumstances, but praying together and being there for each other allowed us to rediscover ourselves, and to understand that we are not alone in the face of adversity. The pandemic made us realize that a family sharing the same faith is able to overcome any difficulties.

3.    How does the Catholic school (or your parish in the case of the Archdiocese) make a difference for you and your children in the way you face the pandemic? How can your school take better care of the families’ human and spiritual development this fall?

R: Sara Ghantous
The personnel at the Collège Sainte-Marcelline, the Catholic school in which I am enrolled, have made a big difference for me in the way I coped with the pandemic. They managed to reassure the community by maintaining contact with students and their families during this period of crisis. They also allowed me, despite my uncertainties, to remain connected with my faith. Through their constant messages of support and hope, I didn’t give in despite this rather difficult situation. I think it would be a good idea that the college organize online spiritual activities and meet-ups with students and their families to discuss and explain religious and spiritual subjects.