What is the mystery behind Easter? How does this central element of our faith affect our lives? How important is it on a daily basis? We offer you the opportunity through three video clips to relive the mystery behind Jesus Christ’s resurrection!

We will post these video recordings on our Facebook page and YouTube account.

Resurrection – The Beginnings of a New Life
(published April 18)

Today, Christ will take his last meal with you… He will come and wash your feet… Get closer to the Cross, of your own cross, and come as you are to the one who is risen, in order to understand and to fully taste the splendour and the joy of Resurrection!

Resurrection – At the Heart of a New Life
(published April 21)

Did you experience the presence of the Risen who walks by your side? Who brings coherence to your life? Who invites you to new challenges? Christ’s resurrection is an invitation to remember and to recognize the gift of life you received, and to testify so that your hope and the hope of those around you can be strengthened.

Resurrection – The Impact of a New Life
(published April 24)

Is the Risen Christ alive in your life? All has been reopened! You have been called to become a real witness like the disciples who could not stay silent about the Good News. Be the bearer of this joy, of this light and hope in the heart of the world! Only one match is needed to bring light to darkness!