Several hundred catechists and people involved in catechesis participated in the French and English catechetical conferences and the joint keynote session held on November 17 and 18, 2017 in Montreal.

The Faith Enrichment Conference, a conference offered every two years by the Office of Faith Education, began this year at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral with Bishop Alain Faubert V.G. and Fr. Raymond Lafontaine E.V. as our keynote speakers. Addressing both the Anglophone and francophone communities, we were all gathered Together on a Mission

Our mission is to go out to make disciples of all nations, by proclaiming the Good News. Bishop Faubert reminded us that Jesus did not die on the cross that we might live happier lives or that we might be nicer people. We have literally been saved from death, there is a certain amount of urgency in our mission. Fr. Ray reiterated that by saying "the one who has been loved and forgiven much, in turn loves and forgives much, and that is at the heart of what it means for us to be Catholic Christians. That we who have been loved and forgiven totally and unconditionally, we who have been literally saved from death, and offered new life, that is what we want to share with others." That is good news, that we are called to bring out into the world.

Our Quebec Bishops have invited us to take the words of Pope Francis' Joy of the Gospel, seriously, to embrace a missionary transformation, in service to the world. We who are charged with bringing the good news to the families we serve, to the children and the parents, are empowered by these words.

"The joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of those who encounter Jesus, those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from their sins, from sorrow, from inner emptiness, and loneliness. With Christ joy is constantly born anew." (EG) Let us be a people of joy.

Faith Enrichment Conference

Our conference was certainly a joyful experience. We had the great pleasure of having our Archbishop, Most Rev. Christian Lépine, offering us our first workshop. He delivered a clear and simple message for us, a clear and simple message to share with others. We are saved, purely and simply. Our prayer every day is simply "Jesus save me", "Jesus save my friend". It is as simple as that. It is so powerful and it is such good news. With these words, Archbishop Lépine sent us out to begin our day, a day that continued to enrich us with gifted speakers, and good friends.

Archbishop Christian Lépine with the people in charge of the event. (Photo: Santino Matrundola)

As the day progressed at Loyola High School we met and shared joyfully with one another. We had a welcoming space to gather, and we were able to meet and interact quite easily with one another, and with the vendors and exhibitors. Our workshops were full, all be it perhaps a little too short, in the end we were left wanting more.

Many thanks to Mary Comito who was the mastermind and organizing force behind this wonderful conference. May God abundantly bless Mary for her joy filled service to the Church of Montreal.

Many thanks also to Pillars Trust for their generous and continued support of our work and our mission, to GO and make disciples of all nations!

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