Ste-Dorothée Parish has continued to stay in touch with the young people enrolled in the parish’s catechetical program, appreciating their innovative talents and their ongoing faith journey, as they are accompanied by the parish priest and his team.

At the beginning of the confinement, we invited the youth and children to create and present their own rainbow drawings, conveying a message of hope during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their creations were published online via the parish Facebook page.

We held a raffle during online mass, drawing several winners who had Easter chocolates delivered straight to their homes.
During the online Easter Eucharistic celebration, several Easter eggs appeared on the screen.  Those children who spotted them were entered into another draw.  Once again, prizes were delivered to the winners’ homes.
As for the catechetical program, we have proposed primarily online activities, paired with individual follow-up by the catechists. Among these activities were:

  • An activity on the disciples of Emmaus
  • A Marian quiz
  • An online gathering via the cloud platform Zoom – a First Communion activity
  • We also shared a "real life" activity!  A tree-planting initiative was organized for the children preparing for Confirmation, and their families, called "A Different Path", as part of the parish’s  "Guardians of Creation" program.