To honour the widows of past deacons, a special lunch gathering was held on May 28 at the Montreal diocesan offices, hosted by Auxiliary Bishop Faubert and staff of the Office for Pastoral Personnel.

In the Archdiocese of Montreal, there are 21 widows whose husbands were permanent deacons. Several women among the eldest could not attend this event, but 8 accepted the invitation. This lunch was originally held for the first time last year, after a request was made to the Archbishop to hold an annual event in the honour of these widows, to which he immediately agreed.

They were welcome this year at the Archdiocese by Auxiliary Bishop Alain Faubert. He reiterated the importance of their role for the Church and for their husbands who were deacons, and offered each of them two roses – one for themselves and one for their deceased husbands – while sharing a meal with them in the presence of the Office of Pastoral Personnel of the diocese.

Michel Poirier, responsible for the Deaconate in Montreal, particularly wished to thank these women: “Thank you to you all! Your daily presence was so very important in the development and the accompaniment of your husbands as permanent deacons. Our sole wish today is simply to thank you for your presence and support on their path.”

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