The Archdiocese of Montreal's Latin-American Catholic Mission (Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) had the honor of launching the great Evangelization Cross' pilgrimage, a journey scheduled to take the Cross to Canada's French-speaking dioceses.

Including English-speaking communities in which it will stay for a month, making its way through the country's different communities, centers, sanctuaries, and any place it will be asked for. This will go on until 2019.

The Evangelization Cross received a very warm welcome during the Labour Day week-end as many Catholics from the Spanish-speaking Christian community celebrated its arrival and prayed before it after Mass. The Cross will be in the Archdiocese of Montreal throughout the whole month of September.

Blessed by the Pope, it represents the 5th CAM

The Evangelization Cross, symbol of the 5th Missionary Congress of America that will be held in Bolivia in 2018, carries the relic of Blessed Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa (1889-1943) who founded that country's first missionary community.

The Cross, crafted by Bolivian artisans from the region of Chiquitos where the first Jesuit missions began in the 17th century, was presented to Pope Francis on July 9th 2015 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) where, before a crowd of 1.5 million people, he blessed 40 identical crosses - one for each country in the American continent and 18 others for every Bolivian diocese - officially marking the journey towards the 5th Missionary Congress of America.

In communion with the entire American continent

The Evangelization Cross arrived in Montreal on the 25th of October 2015 and was officially welcomed by the Pontifical Missionary Societies in Canada. The Cross' pilgrimage in the Canadian dioceses - in preparation to the upcoming Missionary Congress - is a way of living in fraternal communion with the other Churches in the American continent whom, at this same moment, are living their own pilgrimage with their Cross.